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PM Konnectors has become known for its unique approach to training and professional development, by offering a 'platinum' approach. We do not compete with large training firms because we offer a different approach that complements the services provided by 'traditional' trainers.

A common challenge with 'traditional' training is that despite the strong content and delivery, participants and organizations often do not get the full intended benefits from the session, resulting in a range of challenges downstream. This may be due to a lack of customization, a short time-frame or a lack of follow-up to reinforce the learning.

Our professional development experts have the designations and experience aligned with both PMI's PMBOK, PMI-PBA and PRINCE2, for a more comprehensive, pragmatic approach.

Platinum Results

Our Platinum training package offers:

  1. Dynamic, interesting sessions - entertaining, effective, full of real life examples and experiential
  2. Customization to our clients' needs to ensure focus on value-add aspects
  3. A follow-up session to reinforce the learning and address the objectives in relation to newly discovered challenges
  4. Value-driven, practical sessions that offer effective and tangible application of the knowledge with unique techniques to demonstrate the learning in class and apply it in practie
  5. Focus on four of the most challenging areas for projects and organizations (communication, quality, risk and integration) that allow teams to make meaningful gains toward real project success through a series of actions to take for each specific aspect and their overall integration.

Advanced Project Management and Business Analysis

a. PM-BA Role Collaboration

b. PBA exam prep

c. Project Integration Management

d. Managing Stakeholder Expectations

e. Time Management in multi project environment for the BA

f. Advanced Practical Project Management

g. Portfolio and Project Governance

h. Accounting and Finance for PMs

i. Managing Projects with Virtual teams

j. Agile BA

k. The PMO - Building, Managing and Fixing the PMO

Integrated Approach to Project Management

a. Communication - with a unique point-of-view that simplifies and articulates some of the most common communication challenges we face, we have developed a simple-to-apply, yet impactful, methodology to establish communication guidelines. It dramatically improves communications and equips teams and project managers with an effective set of tools to control the communication in their projects. It focuses on three communication components: a communication plan that actually works, effective meeting management techniques and eye-opening efficiencies in the area of emails and messaging. It establishes an environment conducive to collaboration that ultimately achieves buy-in.

b. Quality – by combining concepts from Lean, Agile and the Quality Movement, our format for a quality plan is actually meaningful and impactful. It leads to increased awareness of quality and to appropriate diversion of resources toward it.

c. Risk – it is not about reinventing the wheel, but rather making what we already invented work better. By articulating some of the concepts in existing risk management methodologies and creating a culture of accountability, risk management does not appear so scary anymore.

d. Integration - a unique, proven and almost revolutionary view of project change control, resource management and scheduling using Critical Chain - that enhances and re-articulates existing best practices to actually make them work. It is about the true meaning of the word 'integration'.

The 'Human Aspect'

Our sessions focus on the 'human aspect'; the most important (and costly) organizational asset. Leadership, interpersonal skills and effective communication are part of the core of every project and organizational problem.


The result: teams and organizations obtain what it takes to translate the value provided to them into results; setting and managing realistic expectations; assigning resources more effectively; meeting timelines; and focusing on what really matters -  a delighted customer.

PMO, Troubled Projects

We also offer 'traditional' topics with our unique spin - such as PMO and Recovery for Troubled Projects - where we utilize our integrated approach and facilitate organizations through these challenges.

Time Management

This is not a schedule development course, but rather a session that helps project managers and other professionals to manage their time better. We offer innovative, practical and easy to apply insights as part of a framework for successful and productive time management, which is proven as both effective and efficient. It includes an introduction of day-to-day ideas for participants so they can invest their time wisely and move closer toward achieving their goals.

The Tactical Business Skills Package

This offering is a Management 'How To' Program. It provides some needed answers to a simple question: "So you got promoted, now what?"

The program is designed for organizations that value investing in their talent, for professionals who are entering/re-entering mid-management levels of the workforce and for people seeking growth in their existing careers.

Sessions are interactive and offer a combination of stimulating in-class activities, lectures and challenges that maximize the knowledge transfer and ensure effective, engaging and entertaining delivery and lasting results.

Areas covered are often those that are viewed as 'on the job training' and as a result are often overlooked. Organizations have no time or resources to train their team members in these areas and the approach of 'it goes without saying' usually backfires in multiple areas: organizational culture, employee satisfaction, productivity, retention, performance and the bottom line.

The sessions are customizable and include any one, or a combination of the following:

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Lean Principles 
  • Politics in the Workplace
  • Meeting Management and Facilitation
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making/Contingency Planning
  • Change Management
  • Negotiations
  • Ethics
  • Establishing a Business Analysis Practice
  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations
  • Introduction to Practical Project Management

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