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There is one thing about Agile that is hard to argue with – Agile is based on realistic, proven concepts and it addresses many of the issues causing software development projects to be challenged or fail.

Many organizations fall short of realizing the full potential benefits Agile can yield - whether it is due to misunderstanding the concepts and methodologies, challenges in customizing Agile to their environments, or focusing on the ‘ceremonial aspects’, rather than on the merits. There is also the need to recognize that reality is not perfect and that there are cultural, political and organizational aspects that need to be considered, alongside Agile.

We view Agile and its benefits through a ‘sober’, realistic and balanced view. We extract the positive elements of the approach, introduce tools to maximize the benefits and address the main challenges and associated downsides and refer to Agile as a means to achieve organizational success for when the rubber hits the road, and not as a goal on its own.

Given current social and business trends, and the increasing necessity to identify and differentiate on a competitive advantage, Agile is going mainstream and its knowledge and competencies are becoming an essential part of the project manager’s toolkit.

Our balanced approach to Agile adaptation has been proven to deliver what all organizations and individuals strive for: shorter schedules, delivery of quality products and customer satisfaction. These are accomplished through improved morale and better alignment of business and IT, which in turn contribute to team satisfaction and employee retention – to complete the circle of success and build on it.

We offer packages that take our clients through the full journey of putting together an Agile shop - from guidance, through hand-holding, to ensuring the success 'sticks' with the organization. We do it through focus on Agile Coaching –  tailored to the clients' specific needs and pace. We combine Certified SCRUM experience, along with practicality, balance and pragmatism.

This industry-leading dynamic approach includes a unique feature – a follow-up session after three months - to reinforce major aspects and ensure value and benefits are maximized, along with an opportunity to clarify issues.

Our Agile experts have used Agile, have implemented, transitioned and transformed organizations, provide a myriad of experiences and approaches and are certified - including Certified SCRUM Master, Certified Product Owner and PMI-ACP.

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